Cobi’s Curries is a new ‘not so typical’ curry house that specializes in curries from various regions, all over the world. 

We are female owned and operated, making the best curry in Los Angeles.

We offer a small-bespoke menu designed by New Zealand born Chef, Lance Mueller and his Australian partner Cobi, a self-proclaimed curry addict and connoisseur. Having spent a large part of her childhood living in Bali, Cobi developed a love for traditional curry recipes, made with time and care as well as locally sourced organic produce. This passion has led the dynamic culinary duo to travel the world in source of new curry inspirations, from Thailand to India, Japan to South Africa, forever excited by the idea that cultures from all over the world have developed their own take on their favorite meal. 

Our six-item curry menu reflects these adventures and consists of a revolving list of classic curries you are sure to recognize as well as an introduction to some of the lesser known, more curious curries, from pockets around the globe. We offer our customers an ever-changing interactive menu, where they can follow us monthly to new regions, and be introduced to the best curries they’ve experienced. We are the Carmen Sandiego of curry and delight in sharing the global nature of curry with the people around us. 

At Cobi’s Curries, we like to think of curry as ingesting a natural medicine cabinet filled with the most enriching herbs & spices. Each spice has its own benefits and combining them can make for a powerful health boost. A parallel of the health benefits in curry can be drawn to Ayurvedic medicine, one of the oldest holistic healing systems, aka natural medicine, that was developed in India 3,000 years ago. 

All of our curries are created with a healthy & mindful intention. Our goal is to change misconceptions surrounding curry and introduce you to some of the best food you can get your paws on. This dedication to health and wellness is reflected in our culinary approach which relies on sourcing the freshest ingredients and dedicating time to the cooking process, we believe that patience and dedication is reflected in the taste and will have customers craving their daily curry fix.

Join us & our girl C.C, on our International Curry Tour.


8422 W 3rd Street, Los Angeles - CA - 90048