Origin: China, Malaysia & Indonesia

Main Ingredients: Coconut broth, ginger, turmeric, lemongrass, cumin and beans sprouts and tofu

Protein Choices: Chicken, Beef or Shrimp



Laksa is a popular Peranakan spicy noodle soup. Peranakan culture is based in Southeast Asia and is a mash up of Chinese, Malay and Indonesian influences

There are two types of Laksa, Curry Laksa and Assam Laksa

In Indonesia, Laksa is said to have been born from the Chinese coastal settlements and the mixing of culinary cultures between Chinese merchants and the natives

In Malaysia, Laksa is believed to have been started by Chinese immigrants in Malacca

In Singapore, Laksa is believed to have been created after the commingling between the Peranakan people with the locals living in the country

*Health Benefits:


Detoxifies body, flushing harmful toxic waste

Tonic for the nervous system

Reduces fever

Helps treat infections

Manages Type 2 diabetes

Corianders Seeds:

Improves digestion

Lowers cholesterol

Treats diabetics

Improves hair and skin quality

Rich in vitamins K, C, B and high in antioxidants 


Potential to ease depression

Prevents or treats Type 2 Diabetes

Assists in fighting off a number of viruses

Ease PMS symptoms 

*Health Benefits