Origin: Malacca, Malaysia


Main Ingredients: Organic chicken, dried & fresh chilis, galangal, lemongrass, shrimp paste, onions, vinegar & mustard seeds




Curry Debal or also known now as Devil Curry (because of it’s heat) is a Portuguese / Malaysian curry

‘Debal’ actually means ‘leftovers’ in the local Kristang language (a creole version of Portuguese)

Once, the dish was a luxury reserved for Christmas or the day after, as a sort of spicy bubble and squeak made from the holiday leftovers

Originating in the tiny ‘Portuguese’ community of Malacca, a city on Peninsular Malaysia’s south-west coast. The inhabitants descended from Portuguese settlers who came here in the 1500’s. They remain a distinct group with their own traditions and cuisines

It’s quite possible that it has its roots in Goa, India, another Portuguese colony, but was modified when it arrived in Malacca

*Health Benefits


Helps prevent heart attacks

Vitamin C, one small chili contains more than an orange

Vitamin B for hair & skin

Burns fat (thermogenic agent that increases metabolism by approx. 8%)

Prevents sinusitis & relieves congestion

Prevents cancer

Fights inflammation


Prevents cancer & tumors

Helps digestion

Enhances circulation

Lowers cholesterol

Increases sperm count

Mustard Seeds:

Treats migraines

Anti asthmatic

Anti ageing


Cures heartburn

Reduces muscle pain

*Health Benefits